Green Awareness

As an organization, we create an awareness campaign from the grassroots to every strata of the society on the need to preserve the green earth. We create our awareness in the families, schools, communities, churches and every other social organizations. We teach and empower farmers to embrace the best Agricultural practices. We encourage green/clean energy. And finally, we advise governments and companies on how best to keep the human environment and natural habitat safe.

Peace Initiative

We promote peaceful and harmonious existence in the human society. We therefore we create peace and tolerance campaigns in the schools, communities and through other awareness strategies. We also negotiate peace in conflict zones through effective dialogues among the parties involved.


Through our workshops, we sensitize people on how best to live in their environment. We teach on clean energy sources, best agricultural practices, promotion of safe environment, embracing the right technologies and peaceful co-existence. We empower both young people and adults through this medium to take a global responsibility by beginning with their closest environment.


We believe that knowledge is power, and therefore we spend a greater percentage of our resources in training young people in the basic and university education. We know that if people are empowered with the right education, then we can be sure of a brighter future. We therefore open up for scholarship application from time to time as necessity calls.


We create a competition from time to time for young people as a motivation and an awareness strategy. During these competitions, prices are won, and knowledge impacted on the participants and spectators alike. This completion usually cut through almost every field of life and meant to carry everyone in the right direction.


We do not only show the path to a better world, we also make sure that y(our) vision is realized. We therefore partner with governments, Non-Profit organizations and private citizens to be able to fund projects and human resources that are tilted towards our goal.