Empowering the Green World

Connecting, inspiring and empowering the green world, remains one of the sustainable ways we can create a better, safer, and attractive world for us all.
Today, dare to make a difference in the world. Encourage young people to embrace the green world, teach them not to abuse nature but to protect it. SERENITÀ FOUNDATION, we are determined to teach and support young farmers the best practices of safe farming for the effective symbiotic relationship between human being and other parts of the biosphere.
We change change narrative for a better future.

Happy Blessed month of February dearest friends

At Serenita Foundation, our mission is to promote a green earth where peace, love, solidarity, justice,equality, progress, righteousness and human dignity is a priority.
Together, let’s join hands to create a safer, sustainable world for our generation and generations yet unborn.
Be the change, you want to see in the world.