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At Serenita, we promote a green earth

where peace, love, solidarity, justice, equality, progress, righteousness and human dignity is a priority.

Serenita Foundation

SERENITÀ FOUNDATION is a non-profit and non-political international organization, whose major aim and purpose is to promote green earth and peace in the world, starting from communities where we have presence.

Our Programmes

Green Awareness

As an organization, we create an awareness campaign from the grassroots to every strata of the society on the need to preserve the green earth.

Peace Initiative

We promote peaceful and harmonious existence in the human society.


We empower both young people and adults through our workshops to take a global responsibility by beginning with their closest environment.


We believe that knowledge is power, and therefore we spend a greater percentage of our resources in training young people in the basic and university education. 


We create a competition from time to time for young people as a motivation and an awareness strategy.


We do not only show the path to a better world, we also make sure that y(our) vision is realized.

Green is not just a colour, but also a movement. Our voice is green and we fly the green.

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At Serenita Foundation, our mission is to promote a green earth where peace, love, solidarity, justice,equality, progress, righteousness and human
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